The Shape of Ed

I read this story with great surprise this week. Ed Sheeran has spoken about living with “crippling social anxiety” that means he can’t face rooms full of people.

Despite performing at stadium gigs around the world, he says he get claustrophobic and doesn’t like being in crowds.

He said “I don’t like large groups of people, which is ironic given I play shows to thousands of people.

“I feel claustrophobic and I don’t like being around many people. I have no problem with talking to people. But it’s when people film me and stare at me. It makes me feel weird.”

He said he has been working on the condition for eight years, and that it has been sparked by his worldwide fame, particularly with the surge in 2017 when Shape of You was released and the album Divide went platinum.

He also said he now goes on tour with four of his friends and has closed down his social circles to ensure he is closest to people he truly knows.

Sheeran said: “If I lived in central London and hung out with people, I wasn’t sure if they were friends with me because of me, or who I am.”

I’ve been lucky enough to see him twice in concert both here in Mallorca and at Wembley stadium last summer. I know from people within the music industry who say he is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and he looks after those four friends who keep him grounded. Strangely though I can relate to what he talks about as anyone that knows me knows that give me a microphone and I’ll talk all day. Whether it was the 1000 strong audience at Pirates or all the people that listen to my show on the radio I’ve never had a problem. But put me into a room full of strangers and expect me to start conversations, I can’t do it.

His music though is still breaking records if you pardon the pun, as he has just broken yet another streaming record.

He’s released his latest collaborative album ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’, and it’s now been revealed that he’s racked up a whopping 69 million streams a month on Spotify, which is the highest going.

The new album features the likes of Cardi B, Justin Bieber, Khalid, Stormzy, Eminem, and many more.

I jokingly call myself Dad Taxi and to be honest I love taking my boys around the island for their football. But Parents who are sick of being treated like a free taxi service by their children can now charge them in chore time thanks to a new app. It tracks the miles completed like a real taximeter and allows the owner to make domestic tasks worth a certain amount of travel time.

The app can also send a receipt straight to a child’s smartphone and remind them what is owed.

If your kids still aren’t lending a helping hand around the house, you can even publicly shame them into doing so by sharing the receipts on social media.

Skoda launched the free app, which can also track past trips and the total number of journeys, earlier this week.

I’ve downloaded it and it wasn’t very well greeted by my two as you can imagine.

An online survey came up with the top 20 things that make you common and it got loads of comments on my radio show this week.  I got 6 out of 20 so I think that makes me partly common? Like the shower survey last week there’s a few strange ones in there. Newspapers as curtains, who has that? Maybe people that live on their own so they use The Independent(Sorry!)

Here are those 20 things that apparently makes us common;

Hot tub in the garden


Salad cream

Watching ITV

Newspapers as curtains

Drinking a cold drink out of a mug

The name Gary

Sausage rolls from Greggs

Leaving the house in PJs

Surnames as first names

Visible tattoos

Making your guests remove their shoes at your front door

Any item of household furniture or a shopping trolly in your front garden

Eating in the street

Sportswear worn as casual wear

Owning a caravan

Putting giant eyelashes on your car headlights

Ketchup on a roast dinner

More rings than you have fingers

Having loads of sugar in their tea

Snow Patrol’s ballad Chasing Cars has somewhat surprisingly for me been crowned the most-played song of the 21st Century on UK radio.

The seminal hit failed to reach number one when the Northern Irish rockers released it in 2006, but it gained a steady flow of popularity after featuring in shows including Grey’s Anatomy and a selection of high profile movies.

It took up a similar residency on the airwaves, staying in the charts for three years and it has become the most popular song of the last 20 years.

Second place went to Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling, while Pharrell’s similarly upbeat Happy came third.

Looks like a hot one this weekend and not so much sport as last Sunday which was great but still the climax to The Open Golf to watch on Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend!

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I made it to Love Island…sort of.

Remember I finished last week by asking how about putting a fat fella into Love Island? Well I got the closest I’ll ever get this week by meeting up with Arabella and Tom at the Pirates Reloaded Show.  They were dumped out of the Love Shack two weeks ago and although I’m not watching it, they were friendly and happy to pose for photos. In case you didn’t know already the hit dating show will come to an end on July 29th, when the couples will make their declarations of love to each other and fans will pick the winning pair.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been contacted by old friends who’ve asked me to be a contact and keep an eye out on their sons and daughters when they come to the island on holiday. Yes I know I’m older than I look but Naturally I’m happy to do so and with that in mind it was really interesting to meet and interview on the radio this week Lloyd Milen the British Consul General for Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Aragon & Andorra and Lucy Gorman the Vice Consul to the Balearics. They were presenting the FCO led Worldwide campaign called “Stickwithyourmates” aimed at young tourists, in particular those visiting popular resorts such as Magalluf, the campaign focuses on how looking after each other and staying with your friends can help young people avoid accidents and serious injuries on holiday. Research carried out last year shows that the vast majority of fatal incidents and hospitalisations happen when people are on their own, having been separated from their friends.

The advice includes: Checking into your hotel on social media, so it’s easier to find at the end of the night; Setting up a WhatsApp group to keep in touch with each other; Keeping an eye on each other’s drinks to make sure they don’t get spiked; Not letting a friend walk back to the hotel alone; Not giving a drunk person more alcohol. The campaign is focused on You Tube, Facebook and Instagram. I was aware of this campaign a few weeks ago, so i used it for the guys that came over and they all found it very useful.

A few problems at Real Mallorca on Monday when the computer system overheated and they couldn’t cope with the amount of people wanting to renew their tickets. I’ve left it all to calm down before I go. Season ticket holders have until the 7th of August to renew and as from the 8th new applications will be taken. They will play Levante on Saturday August 10th at 21.00 in the Trofeu Cuitat de Palma the traditional beginning of season game and they will host Éibar the following week at the start of La Liga.

Amanda O’Riordan does a fashion slot on my Breakfast Show called Amandazipsitup. Amanda is married to a guy called Julius O’Riordan who you might know as the DJ Judge Jules. Me and Jules have a few things in common, born in the same year, we both support Arsenal, we have a place in Mallorca and we both DJ(well me of sorts) and that’s where it ends for me anyway. As he is universally known for his music with gigs all over the World and he is an entertainment lawyer by day. Every now and then they’ll pop round mine to watch the Arsenal or into the studio for an interview. They’re a great friendly couple who love Mallorca. It was announced this week that he will be appearing on Celebrity MasterChef. Now he may have a slight advantage as his Uncle is none other than the king of seafood Rick Stein! We’ve asked if he’ll come into the studio to spin some pots and pans instead of records. So watch this space.

Researchers have found two thirds of us are self-confessed ‘shower multi-taskers’ who take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and get something else done amid the cascading water. So below are our Top 20 shower tasks.

1. Sing along to some music

2. Clean the shower/bath area

3. Shave

4. Brush your teeth

5. Do a wee

6. Have sex

7. Make a life changing decision

8. Have a dance

9. Take a phone call

10. Wash an item of clothing

11. Do some exercise

12. Do some stretching/yoga exercises

13. Listen to an audiobook

14. Have a beer

15. Watch a TV show on a tablet

16. Have a cup of coffee

17. Have a cup of tea

18. Wash a pet

19. Eat a biscuit

20. Go on social media

I worked out I’ve done 8 out of 20. There’s some strange ones in there, like eat a biscuit, who does that?

Definitely a Super Sunday of Sport with England playing New Zealand in the Cricket World Cup Final, The British Grand Prix at Silverstone and the Men’s Singles final of Wimbledon.

Enjoy your weekend!

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The Heat is on!

CB28F2BB-AA32-40B2-837D-EFDF966CEFF0Last weekend we got off the island to go back to the UK which was a relief as the temperatures here were touching 40c. We were looking forward to cooler temperatures and even a bit of rain. As we landed we were greeted by the hottest weekend so far this year. Now I might have been away too long but in my opinion the UK just isn’t built for heat. If you live near the coast then maybe that’s not so true but we were as central as you could be and the heat was unbearable.

Our mood wasn’t brightened after we saw the pick up charges at Luton airport, it’s £4.00 for 13 minutes, not 10, not 15 but 13, seriously unlucky for everyone, who came up with that number? And I thought Dick Turpin was dead as £4.00 is total daylight robbery. Not only that it’s then £1.00 every minute after that! No wonder they’re going through a big reform, we’re paying for it by the look of it. Will they send me the shares?

Leaving all that aside it was great to see all our family and friends and also good to see it looking so green. We only normally go back in the winter months when it’s cold and grey, forgetting the heat the countryside is beautiful in the summer.

Those of you thinking that you’d like to move away from the UK might be interested in this. A survey has shown that 13% of Britons would choose Spain over any other country to move to. The research follows news that Spain holidays are still the number one breakof choice for thousands of Britons.

Analysis of the International Passenger Survey (IPS) air travel figures showed nearly over 6,736,632 visitors flew to Spain in 1994 – roughly 5,000,000 more than any other country. 

In 2018, 13,615,245 British tourists headed to Spanish destinations – roughly 11,000,000 more than any other country.

The Top 10:

  1. Spain
  2. New Zealand
  3. Australia
  4. USA
  5. Canada
  6. Italy
  7. France
  8. Portugal
  9. Germany
  10. Dubai

Since last weeks column about Real Mallorca they have released the season ticket prices and fixtures for the coming season. Their first game is at home to Éibar on the weekend of the 17/18th of August.

Season Ticket Renewals are available online at www.rcdmallorca.esand at the office at the stadium from 08/07/19.

The season ticket includes all 2019/20 league matches

All Copa del Rey matches 2019/20 (except a possible final)

U-21’s are considered those born between January 1, 1998 and December 31, 2004

Children born between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2014 are considered children

Under 5’s go free but will be required to sit on your lap or on an unsold seat if available.

New applications will be taken from the 8th of August, with all the same conditions as above. All prices can be found on our Radio One Mallorca Facebook page.

Not such good news for Atlético Baleares who won their game last Sunday 3-1 but unfortunately lost on that all important away goal. It means they are staying another season in Segunda B. If there is any good news out of that their manager Manix Mandiola who did a great job has agreed to stay on for another season.

We’re lucky enough to have some great concerts and gigs for all ages coming to the island again this year. Including Tony Hadley in Port Adriano, Robin S in Son Fusteret and Tiesto in BCM to name a few.

Below is the list of highest grossing tours of the year so far;

1. Elton John £65.6 Million

2. Pink £64.6 Million

3. Justin Timberlake £59.9 Million

4. Metallica £55.3 Million

5. Fleetwood Mac £53.7 Million

6. Ed Sheeran £50.5 Million

7. KISS £46.5 Million

8. Trans-Siberian Orchestra £45.8 Million(look them up I had to!)

9. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band £42.4Million

10. Travis Scott £40 Million

Not that I’m watching it but Just a thought, why don’t Love Island stick a fat fella in? Surely it’s about personality and not just beefcakes? Asking for a friend and sticking up for the heavies. Remember it’s all about the Dad Bod!

Enjoy your weekend!

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It Means So Much…

7E1C13AC-9EE0-47CE-A6FB-CFD2FA5C299CTo be honest I’m still on cloud 9 after the amazing result for Real Mallorca last Sunday. I’ve already written about the game but so many things have happened since then. The amount of texts, emails, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram messages I’ve had is amazing. Monday morning on the radio I was a little hoarse to be honest but it was all worth it. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to get invited onto the Hawksbee & Jacobs Christmas radio show on Talksport and I’ve kept in touch since. Last week I wrote to Paul Hawksbee to tell him that Mallorca had made the play-off final and it was a great achievement for such a small island. He didn’t read the message until Friday morning after they had been beaten 2-0 by Deportivo in the 1st leg. So he wrote back and said he would keep an eye out for the score and mention it on Mondays show. Well that all changed after the drama of Sunday night. I got a message from him on Monday morning saying would I like to join them on the show to chat about the game and what getting Into La Liga means for the island. I was delighted to and we had a really good chat which can hear if you go to my or the radios Facebook page.

So what does it mean to the club and the island?

Firstly the club. After very nearly going out of business a few years ago this is massive. It’s payback for the new owners who despite misgivings from certain fans kept their faith in the team. The influx of TV money and sponsorships should be north of 50 million euros. Judging by the number of people asking me about season tickets then they shouldn’t have a problem filling up the stadium. The ground holds 23,000 so I wouldn’t be surprised if they got at least 15,000 season ticket holders. As of writing no prices have been released but they’re definitely not going to be as cheap as this season. I paid 100€ for mine and 50€ each for the boys to sit in Sol Baja which is the lower part of the uncovered stand. I can see that at least doubling which is fair enough as when Barcelona and Madrid come to town I’m sure the tickets will be around 90€ each meaning those 2 games alone would virtually pay for the season. The fixtures are released next Thursday the 4th of July and the season starts the weekend of the 16th of August. So I would expect the prices to be released on week beginning Monday 8th of July. If you’d like me to send you all the information please email me on the address below.

The team itself is going to need looking at. Sentiment unfortunately won’t be part of this process as they have to build in order to stay in the league. The team although strong is made up of Segunda and Segunda B players and the only player with significant La Liga experience is Salva Sevilla and he’s 35. They will look at the 3 teams that have gone down, Girona, Huesca and Rayo Vallecano and try and get some players from them.

Here’s my thoughts on the squad of 18 that started against Deportivo.

GK: Manolo Reina aged 34 has never played in La Liga but his experience means he may stay to be a number 2 to a more experienced La Liga keeper. That could be Binnisalem born Miguel Ángel Moya currently at Real Sociedad. Played for Mallorca between 2004 and 2009 and has bags of La Liga experience.

RB: Joan Sastre aged 22 and born in Porreres. Has a contract to 2020, he’s a solid young defender who was attracting interest from Spurs but with promotion to La Liga I expect him to stay.

CH: Martin Valjent aged 23, has never played in La Liga but formed a solid defensive partnership with Raillo and has just signed a contract to 2022.

CH: Antonio Raillo aged 27, has a contract to 2021 and has made 4 previous appearances in La Liga for Espanyol. Nottingham Forest made a bid for him in the January transfer window but the club persuaded him to stay. I expect him to stay and build on his partnership with Valjent.

LB: Pervis Estupiñan aged 21, on loan from Watford, has never played in the Premier League but has made 2 previous appearances in La Liga. Had a very strong second half of the season and had a great left sided understanding with Lago Junior. Rumours are he’s signed a pre-contract with Osasuna another promoted side but at the moment they are unsubstantiated.

LM: Lago Junior aged 28, has made 5 previous appearances for Numancia in La Liga. Rumours a couple of years ago were that West Bromwich Albion were going to buy him after Mallorca played them in pre-season. Can be a wonderful player on his day but doesn’t have those days every week. Has a contract Until 2021, i think they might sell him.

CM: Salva Sevilla aged 35 the only player with plenty of La Liga experience and the driving force behind their promotion. He has a contract until 2020 and I would expect them to give him another year.

CM: Iddrisu Baba aged 23, never played in La Liga. Without doubt the Man of the match for me against Deportivo and has a bright future. Contracted until 2020 and will definitely stay.

RM: Aridai Cabrera aged 30, never played in La Liga. One of my favourite players who always gives 100%. He’s fast and has a big heart but I think his age and lack of La Liga experience may count against him. Contracted until 2020, they might try to move him on, I hope I’m wrong.

CF: Dani Rodriguez aged 31, never played in La Liga. Mallorca’s outstanding player in the semi final against former club Albacete culminating in hitting a screamer of a last minute goal which proved vital in a 2-1 win. Has a contract until 2021 so I expect him to stay.

CF: Anti Budimir aged 27, never played in La Liga. Signed on loan in the January transfer window and has just signed a deal until 2023.


GK: Parera aged 23 has a contract until 2021 I expect him to play with the B team or possibly move on.

CH: Xisco Campos aged 37 born in Binnisalem and played 2 games in La Liga in 2004/5. Might get a contract as defensive cover.

CF: Abdon Prats aged 26 born in Arta and has played 1 game in La Liga in  2011/12. Has a contract until 2021, scored the promotion winning goal on Sunday and is a fans favourite. Is he good enough for La Liga? Worth a shot I think.

CF: Alex De Groot aged 25, never played in La Liga. Has a contract until 2021. Is he good enough for La Liga? Offers a different option up front, I’m 50/50 on this one.

RB: Salva Ruiz aged 24, on loan from Valencia and will be going back.

CF: Stoichkov aged 25, never played in La Liga. Has a contract until 2022 but I expect him to leave.

LM: Leo Suarez aged 23, on loan from Villareal and has played 16 games in La Liga. A possible year long loan but will  probably go back to Villareal.

It’s going to be an interesting pre-season and I can’t wait for it all to start.

What does it mean to the island?

It will be a boost to tourism as there will definitely be people coming to the island to take in a game. So they’ll be benefits to the airlines, the airport, hotels, bars and restaurants. This will be particularly welcomed in the winter months.

It will also boost local football. Mallorca does have a great youth set up that has produced players such as Marco Asensio whose now at Real Madrid and a Spanish International. The chance to go and watch players such as Messi and Hazard live is an amazing opportunity. Something that my 2 boys are really looking forward to.

Good luck tomorrow to Atlético Baleares who like Mallorca need to reverse a 2-0 deficit at home to Mirandes. It’s a sellout at Son Malferit so hopefully the crowd can help them get promoted for the first time to La Liga 123. Once again this would be a huge lift to island football and be a fitting start to their move to their redeveloped old stadium.

Enjoy your weekend!

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We are going up!

2414E83F-CA75-4F55-A82E-8171C4BFBCE4Sunday night was one of those nights where you can say “I was there!”

Now let’s be honest me and my boys have been there through thick and thin with Real Mallorca and having watched some god awful games in recent years we were desperate to get back into the big time. My eldest can just about remember us being there 6 years ago but not my youngest so let’s take a look back.

In 2012/13 Real Mallorca were relegated from La Liga after an impressive 16 years in the top flight. In 2016 after a lot of turmoil, American Robert Sarver bought the club but things at the time didn’t improve.

June 4th 2017, they were relegated to Segunda División Bafter a draw against already relegated Mirandés. The club had spent 36 years between the first and second division so this was a new low point. On the 19th of June they appointed Vincente Moreno as their new coach which was probably their best signing.

On May 27, 2018, Mallorca returned to Segunda División in 2017–18 seasonafter winning against Mirandésin the promotion play-offs. The club was promoted to the second division in the same stadium where it was relegated in the previous season.

And so to Sunday, after a 2-0 loss last Thursday away in Coruña only the most die hard fan were saying or thinking Si se puede(yes we can). I said to my 2 boys that we’ll go down to the ground early to welcome the Mallorca coach to the ground. It took me back to how football used to be when I was growing up. Back then you thought nothing of getting to the ground 2 hours before a game but in this day and age arriving 5 minutes before the start is the norm. My boys were a little reluctant, “why so early Dad?” “What’s the point?” Were 2 of many questions they asked. That was until we arrived on the road to the ground which was packed with supporters singing and dancing. The atmosphere when the team bus arrived was incredible and those players sat on that bus couldn’t help but be inspired.

And inspired they were. 21,210 fans turned the Son Moix into a cauldron and pretty much the whole stadium were dressed in club colours. The first goal came on 21 minutes when Budimir hit a lovely left foot shot from just outside the area, the dream was on. Into the 2nd half and Mallorca kept pressing and looked like it would only be a matter of time before they scored. On 62 minutes they were awarded a free-kick. Salva Sevilla has been known to hit a free kick like David Beckham and sure enough he obliged, rifling into the bottom right corner. 2-2 which meant if Mallorca could survive extra time without conceding they’d be up as they’d finished above Deportivo in the league. They were then saved from conceding an expensive away goal by a terrific stop from Manolo Reina. It felt like everybody had accepted extra time everybody except Abdon Prats. Born in Arta he is the fans favourite especially the Ultras behind the goal. On 82 minutes he picked up the ball midway through the half and kept running towards the goal and about 25 yards out he let rip a screaming left footer which flew past the keeper. Fitting perhaps that a Mallorcan born should hit the winning goal. A tense last few minutes saw Deportivo miss a point blank header right at the end of the game which would have been heartbreaking. At the final whistle there were scenes of complete joy both on the pitch and off it too. Not for long though as those off the pitch ran to get on it including me and my 2 boys. You had to feel a little sorry for Deportivo, their supporters and probably more than most their coach Pep Lluis Marti. Born in Palma he played 316 games for Mallorca and Mallorca B and was a legendary club Captain. I probably think Mallorca was the last team he wanted to face in the play-offs.

Countless memories of a great night culminating in my boys saying “Dad, we’re going to be seeing Messi, Hazard and Griezmann on this pitch next season!” They couldn’t contain their excitement on the way home and went to sleep with their shirts on dreaming of the amazing games to come next season.

Real Mallorca are in La Liga!

School’s Out For Summer!

A2003675-C923-417F-A548-98C7C83C2B5DSchools out for Summer and parents here on the island are now tearing their hair out of what to do with their kids for the next 3 months! Those of us whose work takes in the summer now struggle to keep them entertained. I’ve banged on for ages that it’s far too long a holiday but unfortunately I can’t see it changing. So we need to get on with it and our two will be doing tennis, boxing, swimming and football. Basically anything to wear them out!

Love Island bosses are reportedly launching a winter Love Island after this year’s soaring viewing figures.

This show’s producers are said to be looking to cash in on the gap in the schedule this year left by Celebrity Big Brother and they think this could be the perfect way to fill it.

ITV big-wigs are keen to avoid another flop like Survival of the Fittest and have therefore decided to stick to the same format as Love Island to ensure the show is a success.

It is claimed that the show will be filmed not here unfortunately but in South Africa over Christmas.

After the flop of Survival of the Fittest producers want to keep the format simple and mop up the gaping hole Celebrity Big Brother left reality TV hungry audiences.

Winter Love Island makes sense as fans adore the drama and love triangles and everyone wants to enjoy a bit of sun on screens in the cold winter months.

It’s still in the very early stages and casting isn’t even close, but producers at ITV Studios and crew are definitely gearing up for it.

If you’re a fan and you’re here in Mallorca on Thursday then you might want to get yourselves to Gringos at the Pirates theatre. Joe Garrett who was voted out of Love Island this week will making a personal appearance.

What about a Love Island for the over 50’s? Or should we just call it Benidorm?

After the euphoria of getting past Albacete last Sunday on aggregate by 2-1, it was a disappointing result for Real Mallorca on Thursday as they lost their play-off final 1st leg by 2-0. Having been reduced to 10 men on 35 minutes it could have been a lot worse and not helped by a Ref who wasn’t that great either like most in this league to be honest. So on to Sunday where it’s an amazing sellout of 21,000 and 100’s more could have been sold I am told. A great atmosphere is a must for the team to get themselves back in the game. Interestingly if Mallorca are winning after extra time by 2-0 then it doesn’t go to penalties. They will be promoted as they finished in 5th place and Deportivo finished 6th. Much better way of doing it in my opinion. The winners are guaranteed a pot of at least 40 million euros and if Mallorca triumph it means the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona etc will be coming to the island which boosts our economy. It will help airlines, hotels, bars, restaurants and not to mention the island being shown to a worldwide tv audience.

Good luck to Atlético Baleares who also got themselves through last Sunday against Melilla by 1-0 and now face Mirandes in a two legged play-off to go up to La Liga 123 where Mallorca currently are. They’re away this Sunday and at home next Sunday.

Another sellout of tickets happened this week at the WTA Mallorca Open over in Santa Ponsa. Now in its fourth year it’s now attracting both great players and the crowds too. On Thursday World Number 6 Angelique Kerber played the former World Number 1 Maria Sharapova. On my home to Santa Ponsa that afternoon the queue of cars came out to the roundabout from where the venue is  and people were walking to the venue. Kerber won in two sets. It carries on until Sunday and if you can’t get there it’s on BT Sport. Two sellouts in the same week shows the island is a hotbed for sport and long may it continue as it once again shows us in a positive light.

The “dad bod” is apparently more preferable to women than washboard abs .

The term “dad bod” is a relatively recent one, dating back to 2015.

According to the Collins English Dictionary, its an untoned and slightly plump male physique, especially one considered attractive.

Survey results published by Planet Fitness show 78% of people think confidence is king.

The summary said: “Nearly four in five among both women and men believe a ‘dad bod’ is a sign of a man who is confident in his own skin.”

Their findings also showed how 65% of people say the dad bod is attractive, and 61% said men with dad bods are sexy, which is up 10% from last year.

Not just that, but the men who have a dadbod were also found to be a happy lot.

“More men with a dad bod – this year in comparison to last – say they are happier with their body – 79% vs. 64%,” the survey reported.

“Having that body type has improved their life in some way – 72% vs. 62%

“Dad bod has made them more relaxed – 46% vs. 37%

“Men who say their ‘dad bod’ has improved their life this year claim their body type has helped them accept themselves – 48%.

“Or made them less concerned with their appearance – 47%”

I knew it but I’m still doing some gym stuff nevertheless.

Good luck with keeping your kids entertained.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Stepping On with Bez

F1EF5126-3DEF-4CB8-937B-553C4F72B4E7I talked last week about anything that promotes the island in a positive way is a good thing. We’ve been blessed to have one of the greatest tennis players of all time who was born in Manacor on the east of the Island. Rafael Nadal Parera first won the French Open title in 2005 as a young 19 year old. I bet you would have got long odds on him winning it for the 12th time last Sunday as a 33 year old. It’s an amazing achievement and he still lives here on the island and fame hasn’t turned him in any way. Anywhere you meet him he’s happy to pose for photos and sign autographs. I was lucky enough to watch him train on grass last year over in Santa Ponsa and when you watch on TV it doesn’t show how hard these guys hit the ball. Physically tennis is a very hard sport and Rafa has had his fair share of injuries but he still manages to come back. His Academy is doing very well in Manacor and it’s worth a visit if you haven’t been yet. He will get married this year on the island to his childhood sweetheart Mery Perello. A few years ago the Government at the time paid him to do promotion for the island but in my opinion got it all wrong as they put him in normal clothes in some non recognisable areas on the island. Maybe it’s time to revisit?

Last week at Gringos we had Bez from the Happy Monday’s as a special guest. My first year on the island in 1990 “Step on” was a huge anthem and was played everywhere. It was a pleasure to meet and look after him. He was worried that the younger people wouldn’t recognise him but he needn’t have worried as he was inundated with people asking for selfies. For those not in the know Bez, real name Mark Berry has been a permanent fixture in the veteran band as a dancer and percussionist for many years, but he also has previous in reality television: most notably his victory on Celebrity Big Brother in 2005. He apparently is being sought by bosses at Strictly Come Dancing to appear in their 2019 series, which is expected to begin in September.

He made a controversial 2018 appearance on another BBC show Bargain Hunt,where the 54-year-old broke the rules of the contest.

The ending of Bargain Hunt had to be re-shot but everyone took it in good humour. And Bez paid back his ill-gotten £8 winnings, so he is still in good favour. The Bargain Hunt cheating scandal was talked about everywhere, even Gogglebox. If anything, it made the show. Everyone knows Bez would be a ratings hit on Strictly.

Back in 2016, Bez claimed that he could “go all the way” and win Strictly if he were asked to participate: “Dancing has made me famous and entertaining people is what I do best. I’ve lost count of the number of blokes who’ve come up over the years and said, ‘Thanks for making it OK for indie guys to get on the dance floor’.”

The funniest thing about the 2 days was getting an email from his agent which said he’d forgotten his Maracas!

The Premier League fixtures were out this week and the new season starts on Friday August 9th. Anyone else having lack of football Withdrawal symptoms? Worth noting this year that VAR will be taking its bow in this year’s games and after England’s eventful matches last week against Holland and Switzerland in the Nations League the controversial decisions certainly won’t be disappearing. The big talking point was the “offside” Jesse Lingarde goal which was a toe nail width of being offside. Surely now this is the end of multi coloured boots in the premiership? I’m expecting Nike or Adidas to come up with the pitch green coloured boot so they can’t be seen. Or what about the “Stealth Boot?” To make them invisible to the technology. It will be interesting to see how VAR pans out.

The PPL(Phonographic Performance Limited) the music royalty body has revealed the most played songs of 2018 on Tv, radio and in pubs and clubs.

  1. Portugal The Man – Feel it Still
  2. Rudimental & Jess Glynne – These Days
  3. Liam Payne & Rita Ora – For You
  4. Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa – One Kiss
  5. George Ezra – Shotgun
  6. Paloma Faith & Sígala – Lullaby
  7. Rita Ora – Anywhere
  8. David Guetta & Sia – Flames
  9. George Ezra – Paradise
  10. Pink – What About Us

Nine of the ten most-played artists last year were British (Pink was the exception), while 2018 marked the first time the majority of the acts were, or featured, women.

I was at the first leg of Real Mallorca’s play-off versus Albacete along with 16,311 others, this year’s record attendance. The crowd and the atmosphere generated definitely helped the team to a 2-0 win. Topped off with an absolute Worldy from Dani Rodriguez at the end. Now it’s squeaky bum time to see if they can hold on in the return leg on Sunday at 19.00. Albacete drew more games than they won at home in the regular season so let’s hope that continues. In the other game Deportivo beat Malaga by 4-2, with their return leg this Saturday at 21.00. The winners of both games will play each other next Thursday and Sunday.

Good luck also to Atlético Baleares in their return leg this Sunday versus UD Melilla. They drew 0-0 last weekend in the away leg and the kick-off in Son Malferit is at 18.00.

Let’s hope for some sunshine so you can enjoy your weekend!

Richie presents the Radio One Mallorca Breakfast show Monday to Friday07.30-11.00am on 93.8fm in Mallorca and 102fm in Calvià, online at www.radioonemallorca.comon mobile through their free App for IPhone & Android, The Tunein Radio App, iTunes, the Spanish TDT TV service and all smart speakers. . If you can’t hear him on the radio then you’ll find him working at Pirates Adventure the islands number one night out and every now and again he may make an understudy appearance!

Feel free to email him at rprior@globobalear.